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A strategy word game for the whole Family.





Kappa, is a strategy word  board game.

Playtime is about 20 minutes.

Ages: 12 to Adult.

Kappa  is played by 2 people.



                                                     The Tokens:

Kappa is played with 60 tokens, 30 are Green and 30 are Black, The tokens letters are square and 26 of each color are labeled with a letter of the alphabet [A to Z]. No two tokens of one color group are labeled the same. 4 tokens of each color group are labeled with an asterisk  [*], this indicates a wild letter token.

                                                        The Wild Tokens

At the start of the game the players can decide to use wild tokens or not, or decide to use 1, 2, 3, or 4 wild tokens for each player in the game. Wild tokens can be used to become any letter in the alphabet. But to enter the playing field they have to start at an empty home base square and make moves the same as any other letter.  If they get displaced, then they are off the board; but

can get back in the playing field again as any letter, as per the rules. 


                                                       The dice:

Kappa is played with two six side dice[standard dice] that are numbered 1 to 6 on their sides.


                                                     A sample word sheet:

The game Kappa supplies a sample word sheet that has a number of three letter words on it and a number of  seven letter words on it and also ten letter words on it.



Place the game board on the table, the players sit at each end of the board. Each player picks ether the Green tokens or the Black tokens to represent him/her on the game board. The player places his tokens on the board, on the home squares. The “A” token goes on the “A” home square and the “B” token on the “B” square, etc. The home  squares can not be

used to make any part of a word.  Then each player picks three words from the “Sample word sheet” or makes up three words of their own. One word is three letters long, like “DOG” one word is seven letters long like “ LETTERS” and one word is ten letters long like “REPRESENTS”. Each player then shows his words to the other player.

These are the words that the player will try and make on the game board, during the game play. Each player will try and make his 3 letter word first then make his 7 letter word second  and then make his 10 letter word last. At the same time a player is trying to make his words, he is also trying to displace his opponents token from trying to make words on the game board. The three letter word must be made in the small, 3 by 3 , Red grid at the center of the game board. The seven letter word must be made by each player in the 7 by 7, Blue, grid at the center of the game board. The seven letter word must be made without using any squares of the orange , largest grid. The ten letter word must be made without using any squares of the Red or Blue grid. The letters may move vertically or horizontally or a combination of both, but not



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The first player roles the dice and  moves any letter token, of his group, he wishes, to try and make his three letter word at the center, Red grid. If a player rolls, for example an “eight” on the dice; he can then move eight squares. On this move the player can move one token 8 squares or two tokens, 3 and 5 squares or 8 tokens 1 square each or any combination of tokens, that add up to 8 squares moved on that turn. The second player rolls the dice and makes his move or moves. On any given turn or play, a player can move his tokens to try and make a word, but this player can also move to  displace a token of his opponents, this may slow the opponent down or stop him from making his word. A “T” can displace the opponents “T” and an “M” displace an “M”, etc. Displacing is done when a player moves a token letter on to a square that is already occupied by the opponents token. The opponents token is then move back to its original position on the home square, on the perimeter of the game board if it is a wild letter token, it is removed from the board. Wild tokens can be used in the game at any time; but must come onto the playing field as a specific letter and they have to stay as that letter, unless displaced.  Once a player makes his 3 letter word on the board, he points it out to his opponent, he can then start making his 7 letter word, when it is finished the player can start his 10 letter word. The tokens letters from the three letter word can be used to help make the seven letter word and the three and sevens can be used to help make the ten letter words, etc.


                                              How to win a game of “Kappa”:

The first player to finish his/her ten letter word, WINS the game.


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